Online Astrology Consultation for Marriage

The outstanding astrologer Bharat Madan is proficient in providing online astrology consultation for marriage as per your Kundali’s planetary variations. His majors include quality match, promise marriage for chronic bachelors and bachelorettes, also tells about the right time for your marriage. He has various tools and deep insight into the various aspects that cause a delay in marriage. He will recommend the easiest remedies to your enigma. He is duly devoted to his work and known for best matchmaking in the area. 

As marriage is the most important aspect of everyone’s life, and the match must sound compatible to set up a home for the rest of life. Astrologer Bharat Madan is the best matchmaker online, well acquainted with the Vedic philosophy of karmic debts and their redemption. For most accurate predictions,  your Graha nakshatras and Graha Charkras are deeply examined by Jyotish Bharat Madan using up to the minute tools. 

To know your Lagna and the Graha Chakras that are ceasing you to get married or find a suitable match please help us with the following information about you:








In his consultation, he will help you with the 

  • perfect time for your marriage, along with the post-marriage lifestyle as well the upcoming hurdles. 
  • Also,  enlightens the partner’s temperament. 
  • Reason for the delay.
  • In case, If you are Manglik or not.
  • What suits you best – love marriage or arrange marriage.
  • Also deals in divorces and kids counseling

He believes that we all go through the same phases in life but at different time periods. If you are happy, does not reflect that the whole world is happy. Everyone faces ups and downs in life, we often consider it part and parcel of life. It might happen that you get a job at the age of 17 and your friend gets that at the age of 25. Similarly, everything has a fixed time period for everyone. Your marriage too. He extendedly explains the causes for delay in your marriage.

OR to make an online appointment with Astrologer Bharat Madan, please call at +91 9950230861. He is a well-equipped astrologer with the up to date technology, he believes in virtual consultation through Skype and Zoom callings. He is an affordable astrologer and within reach of every client, his prospect of allocating virtual meetings is to avoid your travel expense as well as physical contacts amidst this pandemic. He also has a huge client base overseas, mainly in the US, Australia, Canada, England, and New Zealand. Also, if you want to drop him a mail for all marriage related problems, please mail at


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