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You might have read somewhere about the planetary effects on your body and its parts. Some chronic diseases are said to be caused by planetary motions such as Venus, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, etc. Also, some disorders in pregnant ladies can be easily observed from the impacts of the Lunar eclipse and the Solar eclipse. Health Astrology or Medical Astrology is the ancient science based on various planetary upshots over human bodies, causing certain disorders if not treated on time. Your head to toes are connected with the Zodiacs and thus facing certain consequences as per the astrological Zodiac Man chart. The human’s aura has deep internal links with astrology. Sometimes allopathy medicines fail but medical astrology has the way out.  Astrologer Bharat Madan is the best Health Astrologer based in Jaipur, known for aiding many of his patients through in-depth treatment of various astrological diseases. There are so many medical treatments associated with astrology.

As per medical astrology, the disease first has to be diagnosed through the signs.

A chronic patient can be treated through medical astrology. And for that, astrologer Bharat Madan might ask for the following details:

  • Patient’s personality and behavior towards certain things
  • His or her Zodiac signs as per date of birth
  • The affected body part
  • From how long the patient is suffering
  • Patient’s daily routine such as sleeping time, eating time, bathing time, etc.


After all the exploration, a medicinal plant or a suitable herb will be advised to check the complication.


The following Zodiacs are dominant over the following body parts:


Aries            Head and Face

Taurus            Neck

Gemini            Hands to Shoulders

Cancer            Stomach

Leo            Heart, Back

Virgo            Belly

Libra            Lower Back

Scorpion        Brain

Sagittarius          Thigh

Capricorn        Knees

Aquarius        Leggs

Pisces            Feet


Similarly, the following planets are responsible for ailment in the following organs:


Mercury    Brain, Respiratory

Venus        Kidneys, Digestive System, and Reproduction System

Sun        Heart

Moon        Ovaries

Mars         Teeth, Muscles, and Hair

Jupiter        Liver

Saturn        Bones

Uranus        Endocrine system


Astrologer Bharat Madan is the most reputable health astrologer  treating patients all around the world through his online consultations. His clients are majorly based in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Canada. He is such a great motivational speaker who has the ability to fill in the sheer positivity in your mind for faster healing. To make an appointment online, please call at +91 9950230861 or drop a mail at

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