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If you are looking for this specific topic, chances are you belong to a Hindu Community. If you do, then you must be familiar with your astronomical Sun Sign as per your birth date. Now, what is a Sun sign as per definition? The sun sign is one of the 12 Zodiac signs assigned to you in accordance with the position and presence of the Sun during your date of birth. It is one such simplified Western astrology and Astrologer Bharat Madan is one of the best Sun sign Astrologers available online for your 24*7 assistance. He is a renowned motivational speaker and personality developer. He is also the awardee of the eminent Shree Baljit Shastri Award. He fills sheer positivity in his client’s minds who are struggling in coping with up certain disappointments in their life.

Your Sun sign can be determined by your Date of Birth. If you don’t know yet, please look for your astronomical sign/ zodiac sign along with their elements as follows:

                          DATES SUN SIGN   ELEMENTS
January 20th to February 18th Aquarius         Air
February 19th to March 20th Pisces         Water
March 21st to April 19th Aries         Fire
April 20th to May 20th Taurus         Earth
May 21st to June 21st Gemini         Water
June  22nd to July 22nd Cancer         Water
July 23rd to August 22nd Leo         Fire
August 23rd to September 22nd Virgo         Earth
September 23rd to October 23rd Libra         Air
October 24th to November 21st Scorpio         Water
November 22nd to December 21st Sagittarius         Fire
December 22nd to January 19th Capricon         Earth

Every Hindu individual possesses a Natal chart or birth chart or Kundali for their character and future predictions. Similarly, they can look for daily predictions called horoscope predictions as per their sun signs. Let’s dive into the characteristics traits and basic preferences on the basis of one’s Zodiac signs:

AQUARIUS is always in need of me-time, although great wanderers. They are friendly, confident, and independent personalities.

PISCES is super-imaginative, sensitive, and very romantic. They do not resonate well with this world.

ARIES is smart, affectionate, competent, lovable, and adorable in nature. They always find their way out.

TAURUS connotes the Bull. They are materialistic, charming, stubborn, and the most confused personalities.

GEMINI people are dual personalities, clever, inquisitive, innovative, and well communicative.

CANCER is mysterious, appealing, follows their gut feeling, and moody. They can easily put you in their shoes and that’s their superpower. They have a really good understanding.

LEO are quick-tempered, daring, determined, leaders, and a full box of entertainment in your group.

LIBRA is smart, cheerful, diplomatic, and seductive.

VIRGO is pretty challenging, helpful, and practical. They take every task as an opportunity to prove themselves. They possess mystic traits, also known for assisting you with the best they can. They are certainly the best advisors.

SCORPIO is the strongest of all, they retaliate to every misbehave or unloyalty performed with them. They are free-spirited, self-made, moreover, dangerous and revengeful.

SAGITTARIUS  is peppy, funny, and freedom-loving. They are the luckiest sun sign amongst all.

CAPRICORN make faithful and brilliant partners. They are stoic and materialistic.

So, these were the basic identities of the above zodiacs. To know more, please contact the best sun sign Astrologer Bharat Madan at +91 9950230861 or drop him a mail at

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