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One of the best Career counseling astrologers Bharat Madan is truly a saint for those seeking out for best career guidance. He is a noble motivational speaker and a great personality developer. He has been in this profession for almost a decade, with expertise in Jyotish Shastra, Medical astrology, sun sign astrology, Marriage, counseling, and many more. He has a massive client base in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He is an MBA post-graduate and has been honored with Shree Baljit Shastri Award. He is known to be a good listener to those in trouble.

Through his proper guidance over stars’ in house movements, you are able to choose your career goals. You can bring about favorable results in your life on the basis of the right career choice.

Some might also be confused that how can an astrologer be helpful in career selection? Yes, we all believe that “Hard work always pays off” but sometimes Luck is the only hurdle to put get across. And that is merely due to your Kundali Doshas. Such as Shani could be dominant in your house or there are certain other obstacles that might stop you to get succeeded in your desired goals. Our prominent career counseling astrologer, Bharat Mada, knows it all. He has brilliant and easy to execute solutions to your problems.

Here is a brief insight into what each of the 12 houses represents:


The 1st house is in charge of your first impression, personal identity, and outlook. The ruler of this house is Aries.

The 2nd house is the Money house, it covers all material possessions. It is ruled by Taurus.

The 3rd house is the Mind house, it is in charge of your communication skills. It is ruled by Gemini.

The 4th house is the Feminine House or Family house. The ruling sign is Cancer.

The 5th house is responsible for our meritorious education of an individual, also it covers your Romance, affairs, children life. The ruling sign is Leo.

The 6th house is related to health, it is ruled by Virgo.

The 7th house denotes the area of study. The ruler is Libra.

The 8th house is the house of marriage and life goals. Scorpio is the ruler.

The 9th house is the house of wisdom, ethics, and philosophy. It is ruled by Sagittarius.

The 10th house in your Kundali is considered the Career house. Also responsible for status, reputation, fame, and long term goals. The ruler is Capricorn.

The 11th house is called the income house. Also, it is a house of a social circle and how unreserved you are. The rule of the house is Aquarius.

The 12th house, the final house, denotes spirituality, afterlife, and endings. It is ruled by Pisces.

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