Which color is best for my house?

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Do you know that colors play a significant role in our moods, emotions, state of mind, and thought process? Each color, red, yellow, blue, black, etc. throws an entirely different vibe to our minds and leads us to different reactions at different times. Our eyes catch up hundreds of colors every second which makes our brain respond in a particular way. We could be optimistic or pessimistic, high or low, up and down in life. For instance, black is considered to be gloomy and imparts a pessimistic milieu. Also, red was a sign of victory during wars thus wives of emperors always made their husbands wear red to achieve victory. And the subject which describes the color’s importance in our life is Vastu Astrology which is an ancient science. Similarly, Astrologer Bharat Madan gives rules and guidelines for coloring our houses for our prosperity and health.

He tells that each color signifies something and adds meaning to our life. Also, he gives a brief detailing on some colors that add specific meaning to our life. A house is where we keep our bodies in the most comfortable space and that place should also confer a healthy and prosperous environment.  And, colors are an ingredient to add a good taste to our life. According to astrologer Bharat Madan, colors’ interpretations are given below:

Blue is a color that helps in healing and pain reduction. It yields good results if applied in larger areas. Also, better is applied at home rather than your workplace. Bluing in limit induces good health. Blue represents a poised state of mind, truth, and mercy.

White is pure and pious, it represents a cleansed arena with a good touch of simplicity and class. Also, keeping the whole house white is considered self-centered. To know more, you may get in touch with the fine astrologer of Vastu shastra astrology.

Red is a color of victory and bravery. It represents passion, power, energy, and danger.

Yellow is a color of good omen, optimism, stability, prosperity, and concentration.

Green is an eye-soothing color that imparts healing properties as well as positivity, and that is why hospitals are kept green.

Similarly, there are hundreds of colors having their own properties. But what color is best for your house is an entirely different thing and it depends upon the spatial arrangement as well as the location of your house. Therefore, to know which color suits best to your house, please call at 9950230861 or mail at sun.stats.bharat@gmail.com.

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