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You know that a human’s life is always afflicted by the movement of planets or stars as per the ancient science study. And the ancient science of stars and planets together called astrology. The biggest community, the Hindu community, is said to be widely believed in this science for ages. The ancestors left this astrological study as a bequest to their generations. We know that universe is so big and it consists of millions of zillions of stars and we have 9 planets in our solar system substantially responsible for adverse changes in a human’s life.

The foundation of astrology is based upon our ancestors’ wisdom and it is still in potency. From your date of birth, they were quietly able to predict your future through some Vedic readings. Keeping up with legacy onwards, Astrologer Bharat Madan is known for carrying out the most accurate astrology predictions through his divine capabilities. He is an epic astrology virtuoso who has been ruling over this field for almost a decade. He is the best astrologer based in Jaipur, known for helping patients in dire need of his therapy. 

Services provided by Astrologer Bharat Madan:

Post this pandemic period, we avail the superb facility of online consultation to our clients worldwide. The various concerns that are dealt with concisely are as follows: 

  • Accurate fortune telling over the phone or Video call.
  • In detail Marriage consultation
  • Cure for Manglik Dosha
  • Proper Career Counselling 
  • Health Remedies through astrology
  • Your Sun Sign Astrology
  • Jyotish Shastra
  • Kundali Making
  • Horoscope Weekly and Monthly

Astrologer Bharat Madan says that astrology seems to be a wonderful subject if your interest emanates by choice. He also delivers great quality lectures in the following subjects:

  • Vedic Astrology – Basic and Intermediate Courses
  • Vastu Shastra Vidya – Basic and Intermediate Courses

You may contact him for complete course details. He also delivers the basic astrology concepts in-depth on his youtube channel.

To book an appointment with the most reputable astrologer Bharat Madan, please call +91 99502-30861, or for any subjective queries, please mail at

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