Best Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

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The Vastu shastra is an ancient architectural tradition in the Hindu community. It is considered to be part of ‘Sanghita’ or ‘Samhita’. The concept of space, arrangement, layout, measurements, designs is subsumed in Vastu Shastra astrology. The beautiful blend of architecture and astrology together provides healthier living space and better energy equilibrium. Its main objective is to assimilate spiritual beliefs with nature. This architectural shastra vidya still continues to be used in modern architecture and Astrologer Bharat Madan is metastasizing the awareness and importance through his social updates as well as course lectures. He provides the best online Vastu Shastra consultation for your house and delivers online lectures to those interested in pursuing Vastu Shastra as their career choice. He is also the best career counselor, known for delivering the best career advice and solutions to your career doshas

Vastu and the ruling planets:

Do you know how Vastu, directions, and planets are co-related with each other? To know how they are related, read below the best Vastu Shastra tips for your home:

  • If the ruling planet is Sun, the living room and the bathroom should be facing towards the East.
  • If the ruling planet is Mercury, the living room and locker must be facing the north.
  • If the ruling planet is the Moon, the guest room and the grain storage must be facing the North-West.
  • If the ruling planet is Venus, your kitchen’s entrance is highly recommended to face the South-East.
  • If the ruling planet is Saturn, the storeroom, study room, and your child’s bedroom must be facing West.
  • If the ruling planet is Jupiter, the worship room, and the living room of your house must be facing the North-East.
  • If the Rahu is dominating, the master bedroom of yours and the storage area can be arranged in a way they face South-West.
  • Now, if Mars is ruling over, your kitchen and storeroom should be facing South.

Why home arrangements are arranged as per Vastu Shastra?

If you believe in astrology, you must know the planets play a vital role in our personal and cognitive development throughout our life period. We all possess a specific sun sign that is responsible for various phase changes in our life along with the ruling planet in our Dasha. The Vastu arrangements help in providing positive energy in life. And to know the best possible arrangements for your house, you must contact the Best Astrologer Bharat Madan at his mail You may also call him at +91 9950230861.

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